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Key Features

  • DC - 500 kHz, 60 MSa/s, 16 bits
  • Optional upgrade to 5 MHz
  • Current and differential voltage inputs
  • AC line and DC supply (battery) operation
  • USB 2.0 and 1 GbE high-speed connections
  • Plug & Play with embedded LabOne® Web Server
  • LabOne toolset including Scope, Sweeper, and Spectrum Analyzer



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The Zurich Instruments MFLI is a digital lock-in amplifier that covers the frequency range from DC to 500 kHz (and up to 5 MHz when upgraded). Thanks to its embedded data and web servers, the MFLI can be used directly with any device running a web browser without further software installations. With its carefully developed analog and digital front ends and the fast digital processing afforded by the on-board FPGA, the MFLI combines its excellent performance with the LabOne user interface.

  • MF-F5M

    Frequency Extension

    Key Features

    • Extends the frequency range of a 500 kHz MF instrument from 500 kHz to 5 MHz
    • Field-upgradeable option
    • Compatible with other options


    Impedance Analyzer Option

    Key Features

    • 1 mHz to 500 kHz / 5 MHz, 1 mΩ to 1 TΩ
    • 0.05% basic accuracy
    • Compensation Advisor and Confidence Indicator
    • LabOne® Sweeper tool for frequency, bias voltage, and test signal amplitude response measurements
    • LabOne APIs for Python, C, MATLAB®, and LabVIEW®


    Quad PID/PLL Controller Option

    Key Features

    • 4 independent PID controllers with PLL capability
    • PID Advisor (for adjustment of target bandwidth)
    • Auto Tune PID (for minimization of average PID error signal)
    • 50 kHz maximum loop filter bandwidth
    • Phase unwrap for demodulator phase data (± 1024 π)
    • Low-pass filter for derivative branch


    Multi-Demodulator Option

    Key Features

    • 4 demodulators instead of 1
    • 4 oscillators instead of 1
    • 2 external reference PLLs instead of 1
    • Field-upgradeable option


    AM/FM Modulation Option

    Key Features

    • Simultaneous amplitude modulation and demodulation
    • Simultaneous frequency modulation and demodulation
    • Adjustable filter settings for each frequency component
    • Sideband separation (single-sided modulation)
    • Analysis of higher-order sidebands and multiple carrier frequency


    Digitizer Option

    Key Features

    • Dual-trace oscilloscope with 16 bits, 60 MSa/s, FFT
    • 2.5 MSa memory per channel
    • 7 MHz input bandwidth
    • 30 MHz FFT span, 1 M points
    • High-definition mode HD24
    • Segmented and continuous digitizing
    • Hardware trigger engine with additional trigger inputs and outputs
    • LabOne® user interface and API integration
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