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Zurich Instruments HF2 PLL Phase-Locked Loop

Key Features

  • Dual programmable digital PLL
  • PLL bandwidth programmable over a wide range
  • PLL Advisor (for adjustment of target bandwidth)
  • Configurable phase detector and PID controller
  • Best-in-class harmonic input and harmonic output distortion
  • Output of frequency deviation on auxiliary output connectors
  • Fully integrated with dual-unit lock-in amplifier


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The HF2LI-PLL is an option for the HF2LI that gives access to a dual programmable digital phase-locked loop for fast frequency tracking. In combination with the HF2LI-MF Multi-Frequency and the HF2LI-MOD AM/FM Modulation options, the HF2LI-PLL option makes the HF2LI a versatile measurement tool for all advanced oscillation applications.

HF2LI-PLL user benefits

  • Enabling technology for multi-modal oscillations up to 50 MHz
  • Single-box harmonic and higher modes analysis
  • Plug & Play into any existing microscopy setup
  • Direct 50 MHz photodiode connection (bias and signal) with the HF2TA Current Amplifier

HF2LI-PLL upgrade and compatibility

  • Field-upgradeable option
  • Compatible with all other HF2LI options
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