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Zurich Instruments HDAWG-MF Multi-frequency

Key Features

  • 4 digital oscillators per AWG channel pair instead of 1
  • Individual frequencies up to 750 MHz
  • Output adder for advanced modulation: digital I/Q, phase, amplitude, frequency
  • Independent envelopes for separate carriers on 1 channel: phase cycling, frequency-domain multiplexing


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The HDAWG-MF Multi-Frequency option enhances the amplitude modulation capabilities of the HDAWG multi-channel Aribtrary Waveform Generator. The options gives access to faster waveform upload and higher flexibility in tuning carrier frequencies. This is particularly useful for applications that require many superimposed carrier frequencies.

HDAWG-MF upgrade and compatibility

  • Field-upgradeable option
  • Compatible with all other HDAWG options

The HDAWG-MF option reduces waveform upload time and increases flexibility in multi-frequency applications where rapid frequency changes are required. Using digital oscillators to generate the carriers instead of programming them into the waveform memory has many advantages: frequencies can be changed rapidly without reprogramming the memory, pulse envelopes can be used multiple times in long patterns, and envelope signals can be generated at significantly lower sampling rates than the carrier in narrow-band applications such as NMR.

The HDAWG-MF option includes 3 additional oscillators per channel pair and an Oscillator Selector, so that it is possible to connect any of the oscillators to any AWG envelope signal. With the Output Adder, the HDAWG-MF enables free linear combination of all modulated signals on the 2 wave signal outputs of a given channel pair (there are 4 or 8 wave outputs in total depending on the model variant). Thanks to the advanced modulation mode, the envelope signals for all 4 carriers can be programmed independently and added up on one output.

In the absence of the HDAWG-MF option, one oscillator is permanently connected to the two wave signal outputs associated with it. This configuration is suitable for generating an I/Q signal pair for external frequency up-conversion. When the option is installed, signals with many arbitrary frequencies can be generated using sample-by-sample waveform programming in plain output mode.

example modulation pattern of the HDAWG Arbitrary Waveform Generator
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