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Architectural Guidelines and Best Practices for Scalable Circuit QED Quantum Computing

Workshop at the IEEE Quantum Week

October 13th, 2020


What does it take to build a scalable quantum computer? Superconducting circuits were identified as a promising platform to build a quantum computer a while ago, but for scientists and engineers from academia and industry the goal of a truly scalable system based on this platform remains ambitious. While some common strategies have been developed, identifying a broader set of globally accepted guidelines with the long-term goal of forming industry standards is increasingly important. Our IEEE Quantum Week Workshop will provide a platform for speakers and audience from academia, industry, and test & measurement instrument manufacturers to look into what activities have already been undertaken, how common mistakes can be avoided and what actions are still required within the superconducting circuits community to agree on a general set of guidelines that will simplify and support the development of quantum computers.

Targeted audience

The workshop targets a broad and interdisciplinary audience from academia, industry, and governmental institutions. Participants of the workshop will benefit from some background knowledge of superconducting circuits, quantum computation and/or of the higher levels of the quantum computing stack. However, we expect the workshop to be equally interesting for members of quantum computing communities other than circuit QED, as well as for less experienced members of the IEEE Quantum Week audience.

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