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Marques, J.F. et al.

Logical-qubit operations in an error-detecting surface code


Zwerver, A.M.J. et al.

Qubits made by advanced semiconductor manufacturing


Loth, S., Etzkorn, M., Lutz, C.P., Eigler, D.M. & Heinrich, A.J.

Measurement of Fast Electron Spin Relaxation Times with Atomic Resolution

Science 329, 1628-1630 (2010)

Chen, L. et al.

Textile-Based Capacitive Sensor for Physical Rehabilitation via Surface Topological Modification

ACS Nano 14, 8191–8201 (2020)

Schuelke, C. et al.

Bioimpedance and Electrochemistry for Neural Stem Cell Characterization and Detection of Dopamine Release

41st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (2019)

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