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Powerful User Interface

LabOne Screens

LabOne® stands as a high-quality user interface for an outstanding user experience, as it incorporates advanced instrumentation and flexible software architecture.

The Computer is the Cockpit

Software-driven instruments present many advantages compared to instruments with arrays of buttons on their front panels. Buttons are easy to use, but they do not facilitate instrument reconfiguration. Integrated touch screens can provide a somewhat improved user experience, and yet they generally lack resolution.

The test and measurement industry has been moving towards larger screens and fewer buttons on the instrument's front panel. With the LabOne user interface, Zurich Instruments omits buttons entirely and supports multi-screen, feature-rich operation with full computer control.

A Configurable Environment

A customizable user interface leads to a range of functionalities including:

  • Data capture with one mouse click onto local or remote storage
  • Iterative optimization of measurement parameters thanks to integrated tuning features
  • Real-time data analysis on still images through cursor control
  • Plot acquisition as PNG, SVG and CSV files
  • Offline access to measurements and data acquisitions

Intuitive Control

LabOne Graphical Lock-in Tab


The graphical lock-in tab (see figure) represents a fully functional block diagram: this unique LabOne functionality is designed to make our instruments even more intuitive and straightforward to use. Settings and diagram can be combined with measurement results in a single view to deliver comprehensive information on the instrument. Alterations to switches and selections modify the block diagram, thus providing an immediate insight into the instrument's behavior and reducing the likelihood for errors.

Understanding that not all applications require all settings at all times motivates a design that offers different views:

  • The tabular lock-in tab offers an overview over all demodulator settings and input/output parameters.
  • The graphical lock-in tab, which scales with the size of the screen, provides an intuitive overview of a single demodulator including its inputs and outputs.

Users can switch between the views with a single click; the instrument's settings do not change.


  • Graphical visualization of settings and instrument functionality
  • Overview of instrument configuration
  • Supported operation with other instrument options
  • Visualization of auxiliary and demodulator functionality in the same tab
  • Comprehensive tool tips
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