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QuantrolOx and Zurich Instruments Team Up to Accelerate Quantum Advantage

QuantrolOx (Espoo, Finland) and Zurich Instruments (Zurich, Switzerland) are pleased to officially announce their partnership. As of March 2024, the Zurich Instruments’  Quantum Computing Control System (QCCS) is integrated into the QuantrolOx’s Quantum EDGE, the leading automation tool for bringing-up, characterizing, tuning and controlling different qubit systems.

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Quantum Leap Forward: Zurich Instruments Unveils the SHF+ Product Line for High-Fidelity Qubit Control

Zurich Instruments, leader in development and production of quantum technology products, makes another step towards more computational quantum power. The new product line, SHF+, enables increased high-fidelity qubit control, and the new feature has already been tested at leading quantum labs. This allows for even more reliable manipulation of fragile quantum states, and thus enables running more powerful algorithms. This is yet another important step toward the endgame: building a useful quantum computer. 

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Hybrid Workshop at the Australian National University

Ever wondered how the latest innovations in testing and measurement could reshape your approach? Join us on 1st March 2024 for an exclusive online session hosted at the Australian National University via Zoom at 9:00 AM (GMT +11).

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Quantum Computing Solutions - Seminar in Australia!

As proud sponsors of Quantum Australia 2024, we look forward to connecting with you at our booth, where you can discover firsthand our commitment to advancing quantum computing!

Following the conference, we are pleased to invite you to an exclusive half-day seminar, presented in collaboration with Rohde & Schwarz. Dive into the latest innovations and best practices in quantum computing, test and measurement, as well as control.

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Meet us at the APS March Meeting 2024 in Minneapolis

Zurich Instruments is returning to the APS March Meeting, this time in Minneapolis! You can visit us at booth #811, along with Rohde & Schwarz, from March 4th-7th.

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Japan Reports on Swiss Quantum Sector: Zurich Instruments

Last winter, seven leading Japanese journalists toured Switzerland, with the focus on highlighting Swiss initiatives in the quantum and AI sectors. The tour covered a series of quantum research centers, as well as Zurich Instruments as one of the leading quantum ventures.

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Winners of the Student Travel Grants 2023

Zurich Instruments is thrilled to announce the recipients of this year's travel grants!

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Quantum Technology User Meeting 2024 - in Zurich

Zurich Instruments Quantum Technology User Meeting will be hosted jointly with Rohde & Schwarz at the Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel. Exchange knowledge with your peers, engage in new collaborations, and learn firsthand how to use the instruments in dedicated tutorials, all to expand the community of Zurich Instruments super-users in the field of superconducting quantum information processing.

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Zurich Instruments joins project to entangle error-corrected qubits

Zurich Instruments is pleased to announce its participation in the SuperMOOSE project, which aims to entangle two error-corrected qubits and thus lay the foundation for future quantum computers. An error-corrected logical qubit is realized by multiple physical qubits, requiring dedicated multi-channel control electronics which are provided by Zurich Instruments.

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Zurich Instruments Student Travel Grants 2023

We are passionate about celebrating and supporting the achievements of the scientific community. For the ninth year in a row, we will support three young researchers, who can win one of three prizes of 1'500 CHF each.

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Zurich Instruments provides quantum computing control systems for Atlantic Quantum

Zurich Instruments will provide quantum computing control systems for Atlantic Quantum as they build a quantum computer based on superconducting qubits.

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Zurich Instruments Germany GmbH is part of OpenSuperQPlus

Zurich Instruments Germany GmbH is now among the 28 European research partners aiming to develop a 1000-qubit quantum computer.

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Winners of the Student Travel Grants 2022

Zurich Instruments is thrilled to announce the recipients of this year's travel grants!

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First commercial parametric amplifier controller for qubit readout

Zurich Instruments introduces amplifier controller for easy access to high-fidelity qubit readout

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Winners of the Student Travel Grants 2021

Zurich Instruments is thrilled to announce the recipients of this year's travel grants!

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Zurich Instruments is now a Rohde & Schwarz Company

As of July 1st, Zurich Instruments is owned entirely by German technology group Rohde & Schwarz.

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Winners of the Image Contest 2021

Here are the winning entries of Zurich Instruments' first Image Contest!

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The Next Generation of Qubit Control

Zurich Instruments launches the SHFSG Signal Generator.

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量子计算测控系统: 新一代量子分析仪

实现高效、高保真度量子态读取和构建高度可扩展量子系统是实现量子计算的重要战略目标。Zurich Instruments 将于 2021 年 3 月 4 日在中国区举行网络研讨会,新一代量子比特读取设备——SHFQA 超高频量子分析仪。研讨会的主要内容将覆盖 SHFQA 的原理,优势和实例演示,如单通道读取 16 个量子比特及主动重置反馈。

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The Next Generation of Quantum Computing Control Systems

Zurich Instruments launches the SHFQA Quantum Analyzer.

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Winners of the Student Travel Grants 2020

Zurich Instruments is happy to announce the recipients of this year's travel grants!

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Zurich Instruments joins the Chicago Quantum Exchange

A new partnership for Zurich Instruments has just been announced.

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The First European Quantum Computer in the Cloud

Zurich Instruments announces its contribution to the Quantum Inspire quantum computing platform.

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Zurich Instruments Joins IBM Q Network

Zurich Instruments confirms its role in the development of quantum technologies.

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Zurich Instruments Expands Distribution Network in Japan

Zurich Instruments AG has started a partnership with Rockgate Corporation.

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First Commercial Quantum Computing Control System for Europe's Quantum Computer

Zurich Instruments launches the UHFQA Quantum Analyzer and the PQSC Programmable Quantum System Controller.

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Building Quantum Processor Control Systems for Europe's Quantum Computer

Zurich Instruments announces the goal of building a 100-qubit quantum computer with its nine European partners.

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Instruments for High-End Research

The ETH Globe magazine features an article about Zurich Instruments.

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Quantum User Meeting in London

Join the leaders in the rapidly developing field of quantum technologies at Zurich Instruments' second user meeting!

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Scienta Omicron's new Matrix 4 SPM Controller Features AFM PLL Powered by Zurich Instruments

Zurich instruments' long-standing commitment to serving the AFM community is rewarded once more.

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Zurich Instruments and Scribner Associates Announce Partnership in Impedance Analysis

Zurich Instruments strengthens the MFIA with the addition of a ZView-compatible data output format.

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Zurich Instruments Announces Products for Quantum Computing Community

Read the press release from the QIPC 2015 conference.

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